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Course Curriculum

Module 1
(W24M01) Introduction 00:00:00
(W24M02) Introduction to Malware 00:00:00
(W24M03) Introduction to Android 00:00:00
(W24M04) Android Application Development 00:00:00
(W24M05) Into the Android System 00:00:00
(W24M06) Android Security Model, Infections and Detection Methods 00:00:00
(W24M07) Module 1 Assignments 00:00:00
(W24A01) Module 1 Assignments 30, 00:00
Module 2
(W24M08) Android Malware Analysis 00:00:00
(W24M09) Malware Analysis Tools 00:00:00
(W24M10) Static Android Analysis 00:00:00
(W24M11) Dynamic Android Analysis Part 1 00:00:00
(W24M12) Module 2 Assignments 00:00:00
(W24A02) Module 2 Assignments 30, 00:00
Module 3
(W24M13) Dynamic Android Analysis Part 2 00:00:00
(W24M14) Malware Development Part I 00:00:00
(W24M15) Malware Development Part II 00:00:00
(W24M16) Module 3 Assignments 00:00:00
(W24A03) Module 3 Assignments 30, 00:00
Module 4
(W24M17) RuMMS 00:00:00
(W24M18) Android.NickiSpy Malware 00:00:00
(W24M19) Android.FakePlayer 00:00:00
(W24M20) Viking Horde Malware 00:00:00
(W24M21) Automatic Malware Production with Metsaploit 00:00:00
(W24M22) Conclusion 00:00:00
(W24M23) Bonus Video 00:00:00
Final Test
(W24Q01) Android Malware Analysis Final Exam 00:16:00
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