Course Curriculum

(W00) Course Instructions 00:00:00
Part 1: Introduction to iOS and Android
(W15M01) Introduction to Mobile Forensics 00:00:00
(W15M2) iOS and Android Architecture and Components 00:00:00
Part 2: iOS and Android File Systems
(W15M03) iOS and Android File System Overview 00:00:00
(W15M04) Data Acquisition from iOS, Android Devices 00:00:00
Part 3: iOS and Android Data Analysis
(W15M05) iOS Data Analysis 00:00:00
(W15M06) Android Data Analysis 00:00:00
(W15M07 ) Oxygen Analysis - Video 00:00:00
Backup Forensics
(W15M08) iOS Backup Analysis 00:00:00
(W15M09) Taxonomy Of Potential Evidence 00:00:00
(W15M10) Analysis with Open Source and Commercial Tools 00:00:00
Artifacts and User Activity Analysis
(W15M11) Artifacts and User Activity Analysis 00:00:00
(W15M12) Artifacts and User Activity Analysis - Case Study 00:00:00
(W15M13) Analyzed Data 00:00:00
(W15M14) Data Files 00:00:00
(W15M15) Chain Manager and Report 00:00:00
Examining iOS and Android Applications
(W15M16) Forensic Examination iOS Application 00:00:00
(W15M17) Forensic Examination Android Application 00:00:00
Workshop eBook
(W15M00) Workshop eBook Download 00:00:00
Exercises and Final Test
(W15M18) Practical Exercises 00:00:00
(W15A01) Advanced Smartphone Forensics Practical Exercises 30, 00:00
(W15Q01) Advanced Smartphone Forensics Final Test 00:15:00
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