Windows Data Recovery 6 PRO – Get it for free!


Dear eForensics Readers!

Stellar Phoenix offers you 5 licenses of Windows Data Recovery 6 PRO. 3 licenses are available for the winners of the contest and 2 for new subscribers only.



Buy IT PACK or annual eForensics subscription without any discounts and receive this program for free. For more information write an email to artur.inderike@eforensicsmag.com with “Stellar Subscription” in the subject.


Please, find the question set below. Send your answers until Sep 17 to artur.inderike@eforensicsmag.com.

1. In which of the following cases you can recover data from storage devices like hard disk, USB, CD/DVD etc.?

- Deletion
- Formatting
- Virus Attack
- File Corruption
- All of the above

2. From what all devices you can recover deleted or lost data from?

- Hard disk
- Mobile phone
- All of the above

3. Stellar data recovery is present in what all locations

- Europe
- Asia
- All of the above

4. Which special environment is necessary to open a hard disk for data recovery?

- Class 1000 clean room
- Class 10 Clean room
- Class 100 clean room
- None of the above

5. What types of files you can recover from Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery?

- Music
- Videos
- Audios
- Documents & Folders
- All of the above

September 10, 2013

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