Windows Data Recovery 6 PRO – Get it for free!


Dear eForensics Readers!

Stellar Phoenix offers you 5 licenses of Windows Data Recovery 6 PRO. 3 licenses are available for the winners of the contest and 2 for new subscribers only.



Buy IT PACK or annual eForensics subscription without any discounts and receive this program for free. For more information write an email to with “Stellar Subscription” in the subject.


Please, find the question set below. Send your answers until Sep 17 to

1. In which of the following cases you can recover data from storage devices like hard disk, USB, CD/DVD etc.?

- Deletion
- Formatting
- Virus Attack
- File Corruption
- All of the above

2. From what all devices you can recover deleted or lost data from?

- Hard disk
- Mobile phone
- All of the above

3. Stellar data recovery is present in what all locations

- Europe
- Asia
- All of the above

4. Which special environment is necessary to open a hard disk for data recovery?

- Class 1000 clean room
- Class 10 Clean room
- Class 100 clean room
- None of the above

5. What types of files you can recover from Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery?

- Music
- Videos
- Audios
- Documents & Folders
- All of the above

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